About us

FLAVEKO Trade is a Czech company with a long-time experience in extracting pure extract from botanical materials by carbon dioxide supercritical extraction.

History of company development

1993 - Origin of the company. Beginning of work on designing laboratory and comertial extraction units.
1994 - Construction of laboratory extraction unit and start of development of extraction procedures for particular botanical materials. Beginning of erecting commertial extraction unit.
1995 - Start of operating commertial extraction unit. Major products are Borago oil and Evening Primrose oil. At the same time the company offered coldpressing of oil seed on its coldpressing unit.
1997 - The company abandoned coldpressing and is active exlusively in supercritical extraction.
2000 - Extraction of Saw Palmetto fruit became an important part of the production.
2004 - FLAVEKO s.r.o. was transfered into FLAVEKO Trade spol. s r.o.
2007 - A significant increase in production of Hemp oil.
2008 - 15 years of company´s existence and its commitment to supercritical extraction by carbon dioxide.

Production capacity and performance

- The commertial extraction unit operates usually 5 days a week in two 8-hour shifts. It consists of three 100 liter extractors and two separators.
- Capacity depends on the material beeing extracted and varies from 80 000 kg to 400 000 kg a year.
- Orientation capacities and yields find here.



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